From the beginning, distinctions – like “personality” - became apparent in fermentations made from different parts of Bloomer Creek’s Cayuga Lake vineyard.  Even with vintage variation, wine made from what is now called “Auten Vineyard” differed stylistically from the site now called, “Morehouse Road.”  In 2008 these two sites were bottled separately and have been ever since.In that same year of 2008, Bloomer Creek unveiled a new wine label - TANZEN DAME – to be used on Riesling, and Gewurztraminer bottlings.  TANZEN  DAME  (which roughly means “Dance, Lady?” in German) was created in celebration of, and as an homage to, the great wines of Germany, Austria, and the Alsace.  The label features a watercolor by Jimmy Wright from his series of paintings entitled “Lost Women” - a series heavily influenced by the work of the German Expressionist era.  As a friend and fellow wine lover, Jimmy was easily persuaded to allow the reproduction of his “Lost Women” on Bloomer Creek’s new TANZEN DAME label in exchange for a case of wine or two.

TANZEN DAME Auten Vineyard 1st Harvest/ TANZEN DAME Morehouse Road 1st Harvest Evan Dawson for NY Cork Report ( 3/8/2011):  “The 2009 Auten Vineyard 1st Harvest Riesling is a marvel, a Riesling that evokes the Lopez de Heredia white wines that have earned a devoted following around the world.  No two tasters will list the same aromatics. Chamomile, white flowers, lime? Sure. Brioche, caramel apple, peaches, crushed rock? That works too. But this wine is even more enthralling in the mouth. Its stony core, a hallmark of the vintage, is glazed with layers of flavors that seem to change by the moment.  Its cousin, the 2009 Morehouse Road Vineyard Riesling, is equally distinctive but with its own personality.  If the Auten is a lindy hop, the Morehouse is a handshake that evolves into a graceful waltz. Starting slow, the wine builds and unveils its complexity with more subtlety.  Like the Auten, there is no doubt that this is a Finger Lakes Riesling, but there also is little precedent for wine of this profile.”

TANZEN DAME Auten Vineyard - Clone 10 2nd Harvest Riesling 2013 –Anna Lee Iijima for the Wine Enthusiast (3/1/2014):  “Exotically spiced with notes of Saffron and dried orange peel, there’s a fascinating complexity to this honeyed late-harvest Riesling.  It’s delicate and sprightly on the palate, with tangerine acidity and penetrating flavors of pressed apple and pear. The finish reverberates long with notes of honey, tea and spice.”Finger Lakes Discovery – 2008 White Horse   Loire By Way of the Finger Lakes (Crush Wine, NY, NY 3/20/2013):

“Since we opened, we’ve been on the look-out for a Finger Lakes wine that we could get behind, that expressed the potential of the region.  Last week, eight years later, we finally found it.  This impressive discovery began when Kristin, a manager here, took a trip to see her family near the Finger Lakes. She had a list of wineries to visit, including one that came highly recommended from a long-time Crush customer and intrepid wine geek.  The recommendation was Bloomer Creek and Kristin really liked the wines. She returned with a few favorites to share.  They were opened a week or so ago with some samples from one of our favorite importers of Old World wines.  On that day, the Bloomer Creek wines captured the group’s attention especially the White Horse.

While White Horse is a spoof on Cheval Blanc, a legendary Bordeaux, the wine has much more in common with Loire reds.  White Horse is an energetic, spicy blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot.  There’s just enough fleshiness to keep the wine from becoming austere.  One of the things that drew us to the Finger Lakes was the cool climate of the area.  Whereas California winemakers often have to jump through hoops to keep their alcohols within reasonable levels, in the Finger Lakes there’s a struggle for grapes to ripen. This isn’t easy for winemakers, but when everything works out, the wines have a freshness and an earthiness that we love. This is the case with Bloomer Creek’s 2008 White Horse.  It is dark fruited with notes of forest floor, sandalwood and pulverized baking spices, all of this is backed up by bright acidity, making this a perfect companion to the dinner table.”

Cabernet Franc and Vin d’été:  In cooler years with less ripening, we make a different style of wine from of our Cabernet Franc grapes by using a different “recipe.”  In a good ripening season, the hand harvested grapes will be partially de-stemmed, crushed and fermented with whole clusters added back in open top fermenters for two to three weeks at cellar temperature.  The juice then remains on the gross lees for 10 to 11 months in 12 year old (and older!) French oak barrels.  In cooler years we make “Vin d’été” in a style akin to carbonic maceration using a high percentage of whole clusters in the fermentation.  Vin d’été is not aged in oak. The resulting style is lighter – brambly and bright, drink Vin d’été lightly chilled.

Tanzen Dame Edelzwicker Blue Cap  

Following in the tradition of the Alsace, the Edelzwicker wines are blends of: Riesling; Gewurztraminer; the Finger Lakes own grape – Cayuga White; and other white varietals. These wines, like the 100 vinifera wines, are made in small batches and minimally processed. Use of the fairly neutral, disease resistant, and heavy yielding variety Cayuga White, allows them to bottle an affordable wine. With careful blending they can create a delightfully crisp and complex wine. Age of Vines: 15-20 years oldYields: Riesling and Gewurztraminer are cropped at 3-4 tons/acre. Cayuga White is cropped from 6-8 tons/acre.  Varietals: 50Cayuga White; 45 Riesling; 5 Gewurztraminer

Vinification Method: Grapes are hand harvested and destemmed. They ferment in 55-275 gallon stainless steel tanks for 5-6 months. Fermentations begin slowly at 50. The cellar cools to 40 in the winter and fermentations finish in spring when temperatures rise. The wines are left on gross lees, without stirring, until April or May. This wine does not go through malolactic fermentation. This wine is lightly filtered and not fined.White Horse White Horse is Bloomer Creek’s light hearted take on the great St. Emilion blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Aged in a mix of used French, American, and Hungarian oak barrels, it is energetic and spicy.

"Cheval Blanc, White Horse, get it? Just as with the great St.-Émilion, White Horse is a blend of cabernet franc and merlot, and if it lacks the polish, gravitas and staying power of the classic, it’s nonetheless deep, rich and structured, generous and well shaped with flavors of earthy red fruit. Great value from the terrific husband-and-wife team of Kim Engle and Debra Bermingham from the Finger Lakes." -Eric Asimov for The New York Times.